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Who Is The Love Godddis?

Meet The Love Godddis…

Welcome to this part of the internet, where we celebrate differences and highlight personal goals and aspirations. The Love Godddis is affectionately called Nai (pronounced Nye) by those who know her. She is a wife, mother, grandma, auntie, employee, business owner, student, and happiness enthusiast.

Nai was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. Through her colorful background, she grew into an inquisitive adult who learned to question everything and chart her own sense of accomplishment. As such, she has made the process of researching into a way of life. She is an avid researcher and enjoys researching various topics and sharing that knowledge with others.

Nai teaches people how to find truth, empowerment, strength, and faith within their own unique blueprint so that they can live a life of purpose, value, and contentment on their own terms. Nai teaches these topics through her Person-All Awareness Training which includes the Year of You, Birth Placement Understanding, Core Belief Understanding, Feeling Processing, and finding answers as provided by the universe, the cosmos, and ancestral veneration.

Nai is passionate about helping women find their voice and their truth. Nai gave up her entire previous life, figured out who she truly was, figured out what she really wanted, and created the life of her dreams. She gave it all up so that you wouldn’t have to.

Hopefully, you will find what you need while you are here, take action on what you learn, and share what sets your heart on fire with the world. Either way, we are happy you are here and hope you will visit often.

Because you want to know, here is why I know what I’m talking about!

Official Qualifications

Completing Ed.D. in Executive Leadership and Organizational Design

Master of Science in Management

Master of Science in Internet Marketing and Web Design

Bachelor of Arts in General Business, Minor in Sociology

Certified Life Coach

Natal Astrologer

Certified Numerology Practitioner

Tarot Master Certification

Chakra Healing and Color Therapy Certification

Because you need to know, why you, why now!

Let’s Work Together…

There comes a point in everyone’s life when you have to figure out if something is working for you or not. Is today that moment for you? Maybe it isn’t the right time. That’s wonderful and I wish you the best of times ahead. Maybe it IS the right time, but you’re just not sure. Ask yourself these questions to see if working together is a good fit:

Do you need to figure some things out?

Do you feel discontent with where you currently are in life?

Do you feel like you could or should be doing something else?

Do you miss your former life?

Do you want actionable steps to get from point A to point B?

Do you feel tired just thinking about doing something different?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, we may need to work together. Click the link below to connect with me today and find out how I can help.