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Positive Psychology- BS or Beneficial?

7 Benefits of Positive Psychology- The Love Godddis

If you’ve been around even just a little bit in the last year, you will have heard about positive psychology. It may have been framed in the following ways: good vibes only; no bad vibes; no stress; think good thoughts; etc. More than likely, if you are anything like me, you have either embraced this train of thought as something doable, cursed yourself for not reaching the “positive thoughts only” club, or teeter-tottered somewhere in the middle.

I for one have snickered at the thought of only having positive thoughts ALL THE DAMN TIME! I mean, what in the Stepford wives are we talking about? Like, are we really only supposed to have happy thoughts? That’s not realistic or even doable without a heavy prescription of SOMETHING. So, when I begin to research the merits to this type of psychology, I was surprised to find that there were actually tenants to the theory.

Now, before you stone me, hear me out. I have to be frank and honest with you about something. I’m generally a happy person. I’m what you would call a poly-anna. And, yes, I have actually been called a poly-anna because I have a tendency to look at things with a rose-colored glass. For someone like me to snark at the thought of only maintaining happy thoughts, I can absolutely sympathize with where you might be when those words are mentioned.

But, the further I went into the theories and benefits, the more I realized the commercial version of positive psychology is just that: a money-driven theme that is unattainable and highly toxic for most people to strive towards. So, I need you to know that I am not talking about this happy all the time, ignore your reality, don’t feel your emotions, pretend to see the benefit in all things bullshit.

I’m actually talking about something a little bit deeper than the surface approach to “looking happy”. I’m challenging you to think about positive psychology in the framework of an overarching principle to living your everyday life. This looks like allowing yourself to feel everything that you feel. This looks like admitting when shit just ain’t working. This looks like stopping some things to protect your peace. This also looks like returning to a state of gratefulness for the air in your lungs because at the end of the day, if you are still on this round ball called earth, you have another opportunity to do something different. And, if that is the measurement by which all problems are measured, you have a pretty long way to get to rock bottom.

You’re still here which means, it ain’t that bad. I’m not saying it’s not bad at all. I’m saying it’s not as bad as not still being here.

The positive psychology movement has endured its fair share of criticism, especially from those who believe in shadow work and the integration of negative emotions. Yet there is much research on the many benefits of positive psychology. I want to offer those benefits to you so that you can have a little evidence to support your efforts in this area. Here are seven benefits to lessening the negative Nancy in your brain.

happiness tips_ the love godddis
happiness tips_ the love godddis

The 7 Proven Benefits of a Positive Psychology

#1 – Stronger Personal Relationships

People who are happier have deeper ties with their family and friends. Positive psychology also has a number of benefits in the workplace and can help to increase productivity and return on investment, as well as increasing employee satisfaction levels. Companies such as Google place a massive emphasis on employee happiness.

#2 – Benefits the Wider Environment

Having a positive outlook actually rubs off on others who you come into contact with. In other words, it’s contagious. Those who spend time with happy people are more likely to be happier in the future as opposed to spending time with those of a negative orientation.

#3 – Happier in General

People involved in positive psychology are less likely to have depression or mental illness. While having a positive mindset does not stop bad things from happening, it helps to get over them. People stuck in negative thought patterns let negative events haunt them for years.

#4 – Healthier

People who engage in positive psychology practices tend to have lower blood pressure. They have lower stress levels and people who are optimistic about their circumstances are more likely to recover from illnesses such as cancer at a faster rate. Studies have shown a direct link between positive psychology and the immune system.

#5 – More Successful

While success does make people happier, having a positive psychology is also a factor in attaining success. It is not really possible, or at least much more difficult, to be extremely successful while having a negative outlook on life.

#6 – Snowball Effect

Those who engage in positive thinking are more likely to be happier in the future. Happy thoughts lead to more happy thoughts as the momentum takes off. Those who fail to correct their behavior will continue to engage in self-destruction patterns.

#7 – Confidence and Vitality

People who engage in positive thinking have more self-esteem and are more confident in their day-to-day activities. They also have more energy ad exuberance. This makes sense, as they will be more optimistic about the future and they also care more about what they do in the moment. People of a negative mindset are more likely to look at their jobs as a means to an end and see life in general as pointless.

I hope these tips allow you to see there are some benefits to positive psychology. Just stay away from the coffee-cup-saying form of this methodology and you’ll likely be happier.

Signature-The Love Godddis
Signature-The Love Godddis

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